Sustainable development report

Full version of the report

Full version of the report

HR policy

Personnel structure asof January 1, 2018
Staff turnover, %
Personnel length of service in the Company, people
Personnel age groups, people

Social politics

Structure of sponsorship and charitable assistance in 2017
In general, in 2017, the Company provided sponsorship and charitable assistance in the amount of over
319 million tenge.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection
Embamunaygas JSC pays great attention to environmental protection issues. The Company is constantly working to monitor environmental components (air, water, soil, etc.) and effectively reduce a negative impact of production on the environment.

Data on emissions and waste
Indicator Unit of measurement 2015 2016 2017
From stationary sources (emissions), t 5134,325 5017,922 5120,115
including from gas flaring t 2554,934 2511,26 2991,914
From discharge t 34,188 50,028 35,454
Waste volume (disposed) t 7193,785 3308,975 3007,91
Waste volume (recycled) t 7199,71 12216,0914 11995,53
Volume of accumulated waste t 13 742 8243,475 5465,629
Gas flaring volume thous. m3 85 043,3 87 188,3 100 538,2

Health, safety and environment policy

Health, safety and environment policy
Embamunaygas JSC being a national oil and gas company is completely aware of the full responsibility to employees and society for creating and maintaining a safe work environment at all stages of production activities and considers the preservation of people’s life and health and environmental protection as the basic priorities of its activities.

Injury rates